For Kids

Welcome to medieval Chester!

Whether you live in Chester, are visiting the city, or are a 'virtual tourist' online, this website can help you to explore Chester's medieval past.

All of this website is for you - not just this page! Other sections which you might find especially interesting are our interactive Game and Map. The Map includes lots of different materials, from pictures to videos, and you can choose to read the text or hear an audio file.

Look out for the 'Kids' section available for every core location on the interactive Map. The 'Kids' section is a question - a bit of a brainteaser or a puzzle about life in the medieval city. They're only short, so you can read them on the spot if you're out and about in Chester.

There's no single answer to these questions - they're just designed to get you thinking. But we'd love to hear your ideas, so please email us or post any comments on our Blog!

We've brought all the content from the 'Kids' sections together here, if you'd like to read it in one go. If you want more information to help you think about the questions, why not go back to the interactive Map and visit the locations?

Hear and read about medieval Chester here...