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  • Discover Medieval Chester (general tour) A thriving port, trading hub, frontier stronghold and religious centre, Chester was a powerful and wealthy city in the Middle Ages. Discover places, voices and people from the past in this tour of the city’s medieval highlights. |
  • Discover the Welsh Stories of Medieval Chester A frontier city on the border between England and Wales, medieval Chester was a place of cultural diversity and exchange – as well as tensions and conflicts. Follow in the footsteps of Chester’s Welsh community and discover places, voices and people from the past.|
  • Discover the Characters of Medieval Chester Surviving medieval documents and archaeological finds give us clues about the real people who lived and worked in Chester in the Middle Ages. Follow in the footsteps of these medieval characters and discover their stories.|
  • Discover the Churches of Medieval Chester Chester was an important religious centre and pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages. Follow in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims and local citizens and discover the city’s churches, treasures and relics.|

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  • Guided Tour July 2013 This is the guided tour, held as part of the events series linked to the Grosvenor Museum's 'Discover a Medieval City' exhibition. The tour will run on Thursday 25 July, 2013, led by Prof Catherine Clarke, Dr Keith Lilley and Susan Hughes. Pre-booking is essential - please contact the Grosvenor Museum. If you can't join us on the day, please follow us virtually with this tour route!|
  • Dark Age Chester - the hidden urban landscape of the Anglo-Saxons This tour links up sites that reflect particularly the outlines of the lost Anglo-Saxon 'burh' (defended town) of Chester. Most of the remains of Anglo-Saxon Chester lie beneath the ground surface, but the street layout and some of the churches that are visible today have their origins in the ninth and tenth century. This tour pieces together these legacies.|
  • Lost Churches of Medieval Chester There are several wonderful medieval church buildings surviving in the city today, but this tour gives a chance to see how many more churches and chapels once existed alongside the homes and businesses of the city and were part of the everyday life in Chester.|
  • Taking the air... This is just a short jaunt around the south of the city and part of the walls. |
  • Our research journey This tour reflects our personal journeys as a research team working on medieval Chester. It includes locations which have featured in our research and project work.|