Mobile website

The Discover Medieval Chester mobile website enables you to take a historical tour of Chester, a city with strong medieval connections.

Use the "Explore" link to start exploring the medieval sites of Chester by using the map. If you're in Chester, use your smartphone's GPS location functionality by tapping the locate icon at the bottom of the screen:


This will show you where you are in relation to the historic sites. You can also view a medieval map of the city by tapping on the "scroll" icon:

Medieval map

Take a guided tour of the city by selecting "Tours" from the main menu and select one of the tours created by the Discover Medieval Chester team, or one of the visitors to the main website. If you have created your own personal tour via the main website you can access it on the mobile website by following the link that was sent to you via email.

You can also learn more about the sights and historic objects from medieval Chester by selecting the "Learn more" link from the menu. 

The Discover Medieval Chester mobile website was created as part of the Discover Medieval Chester project. Learn more about the project.