Margaret Hawarden, Widow

Margaret Hawarden, a wealthy widow, lived in the mansion next door to St Olave's church.

In the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century, Margaret Hawarden lived in the grand mansion next door to St Olave’s church. In fact, the church may even have originated as the private chapel for this great house. St Olave’s was Margaret’s parish church: her husband left money in his will to the church, as well as his best gown to make a cope or vestment. Margaret bequeathed two twill towels for the Easter sepulchre, a bord cloth of twill as a cloth for the high altar, a chalice and a missal. Elsewhere, Margaret’s will shows that she was a wealthy woman who enjoyed displaying her status through rich clothes and jewellery. Her bequests include furred gowns and girdles decorated with pearls and embroidered with gold. Her jewellery includes a number of gold rings, one of them set with a ruby and one set with images.