Agnes Filene, Entrepreneur and brothel-keeper

Agnes Filene started out selling ale in Chester, but later got involved in more dubious activities....

Alexander Stanney, Merchant

The inventory of the mercer Alexander Stanney shows the wide range of prestigious and exotic goods available to buy in medieval Chester..

Alice of Doncaster, Wife

Alice of Doncaster attended a baptism at St Mary on the Hill in August 1389..


80 clothworkers were involved in an affray at the High Cross in 1399..

Elys ap Gruff, Scrivener

Elys ap Gruff came to Chester from Wales to pursue a career as a scrivener, but it didn't quite work out....

John Arneway and other benefactors, Benefactors to St Werburgh's

John Arneway was just one of many medieval citizens who gave gifts to the abbey, in return for special privileges and commemorations..

John Man, Tailor

Anti-social behaviour could be a problem even in a medieval city, as the case of John Man shows..

John Norris and his son, Former sheriff and his young son

John Norris's son was well provided for - so long as he chose to follow 'good waies'....

John of Ewloe, Mayor in 1405

The Welshman John of Ewloe rose to become an important figure in Chester, though his connections with Wales still drew suspicion..

John of Helpston, Master mason

John of Helpston, a master mason, helped to build the Water Tower..

John Pynchware and son, Shoemakers

John Pynchware and his son were successful shoemakers in medieval Chester..

Margaret Hawarden, Widow

Margaret Hawarden, a wealthy widow, lived in the mansion next door to St Olave's church..

Margery Byrkenhed, Nun

Margery Byrkenhed was a nun at St Mary’s in the 15th century.   .

Otiwell Corbet, Trader

The story of Otiwell Corbet, a Manx migrant, illustrates the multi-cultural nature of medieval Chester..

Richard and Katherine Laurenson, Maintainers of the Northgate drawbridge

Richard and Katherine Laurenson lived by the Northgate and were obliged to keep the drawbridge in operation..

Richard Farrier, Keeper of the King's Horses

Richard Farrier looked after the horses of Edward I at the castle in 1283..

Richard Robinson and Thomas Broune, Coal traders

Richard Robinson and Thomas Broune got into trouble for breaking the Dee Bridge rules....

Robert Smithfield, Merchant

Robert Smithfield, a merchant, was repeatedly in trouble with Chester's authorities for failing to pay the required tolls on entry to the city..

William Preston, Ship's master

William Preston, a ship's master, was summoned to St Peter's with 12 of his mariners in 1467 to swear an oath....