Students in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southampton have been working on the primary sources from medieval Chester, as well as comparable materials from medieval Swansea, as part of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. 'Making Medieval Place' is an undergraduate module which explores medieval place and identity, as well as the ways in which medieval places are interpreted by the heritage industry and packaged for consumers today. MA Students in the University of Southampton Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture have also examined the medieval Chester material.

On this page you can find a selection of new responses to the medieval history of Chester, from critical essays and detailed textual analysis, to interpretations aimed at a general public audience.

Daniel Tovey, The Precinct of St John's
This essay examines the precinct of St John's as both spatially and textually marginal in Lucian's twelfth-century text in praise of Chester, De Laude Cestrie.

Bethany Miller, St John's Church
Aimed at a general audience, this introduction to St John's Church invites the reader to encounter the medieval Welsh voices of this place of pilgrimage.

Mikel Herran Subinas, Chester's Cross
This colourful and engaging interpretation panel brings the reader into the heart of Chester, engaging the senses in a glimpse of the city's medieval past.